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  Corvette Trading AG

  Farbhofstrasse 21
  8048 Zürich/ZH

  Tel   043 311 83 90
 Fax  043 311 83 91


















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Our team:

Elsa Schärer

Else Schärer (general managing and accounting)

... is since 30 years working for Corvette Trading.


Dani Schärer

Dani Schärer (sales)

... since 20 years in the company he has a rich experience with US parrts and US products.


Roger Baer

Roger Baer (sales)

.. works since 20 years with GM parts and has an extensive experience on the automitve parts trade. and works since 20 years wit GM parts


Werner Michel


Werner Michel (warehouse mainatenance and support)


Bruno Peyer


Bruno Peyer (logistik and transport)